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Gugu Is Mourning The Passing Of Her Mother

Gugu Is Mourning The Passing Of Her Mother

Our deepest condolences to Uzalo star Gugu Gumede. The actress reportedly lost her mother earlier this week.

According to Daily Sun, Gugu’s mother, National Freedom Party leader Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi died on Monday due to cardiac arrest linked to COVID-19.

The actress has not shared the news with her fans on her social media platforms. However, she confirmed the news to Daily Sun and also asked for space to mourn.

“I ask you nicely to give me some privacy as we are mourning and preparing a great send-off for my beautiful and wonderful mother,” the publication quoted Gugu.


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Meanwhile, multi-award-winning content creator and YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase is calling for a support group for content creators.

“… a safe space for our mental health and overall well-being. This job takes so much from you, and not a lot of people speak about that,” she tweeted.

Other content creators also took to the comments section to share their stories.

@noniijanae said she is also struggling, “Reason why I took a break. I want to get back into it but I don’t even know where to start now. Perhaps when I finally get my own home I’ll be able to get back into things set it up how I like and be comfortable.”

Eve Bodirwa responded: “Literally had to make my vlogs private because I got so much anxiety letting people into my personal space……and I was just starting.”


Mihlali’s job may be stressful, but it seems like sis is making some serious money and fulfilling her dreams.

She recently tweeted: “Konje I once attended YouTube black in Atlanta and met some of my faves, can’t say we didn’t live life .”

Mihlali also previously shared that she spent a big amount on a small LV bag. She revealed this on Lasizwe’s Drink Or Tell The Truth show a few days ago.

In Case You Missed It, Mihlali also opened up about her relationship with one of the Major League twins and addressed rumors that she stole someone’s man.

Responding to accusations that she stole someone’s man she said: “Last time I checked man are human beings who are grown, who can make their own decisions. He is not a sack of potatoes, I have never stolen a man, I don’t know how to steal and that’s my answer.”




The star shared beautiful picture of him and his grandmother on his birthday, Clement told the story of how she was his pillar of strength and the woman who made everything possible.


In his words, his gogo raised him and made his success possible.

Well, Clement has finally gotten his LLB degree at 21 and thanked his granny for raising him well.

Clement captioned: “At the age of 21 I obtained my LLB degree and immediately got my first TV break and since I never looked back, but through it all this here Queen gave me and my siblings the greatest love a human can ask for after both my parents passed on.”

“As I celebrate my birthday I reflect on my journey and how I still want to make an impact and achieve all that I’ve dreamt of as an orphaned village boy who was constantly sidelined and told he will never amount to anything. I defy the odds prove that no mountain is high enough to hinder me from my destiny.”


Worry as AKA’s family and friends speak on how he is coping after Nelli’s death



Family and friends say AKA is struggling to cope: “He won’t be okay for a long time”

They started the day with a shopping spree. Then it was time to tuck into oysters over a leisurely lunch with friends at Cape Town’s V’A Waterfront. Kiernan Forbes and his fiance, Anele ‘Nelli’ Tembe,later headed out to a popular city nightclub where they set the dance floor ablaze.

A few hours later, Nelli was found lying naked and motionless outside the Pepperclub Hotel. She’d plunged to her death from the 10th floor of the five-star hotel where she and Kiernan were staying and those close to the rapper say he’s been inconsolable since.

Kiernan, better known as AKA, has gone silent on social media and “is keeping a distance from friends”.

Two months ago, he proposed to Nelli (22) with a giant sparkler. The young woman was thrust from obscurity into the limelight thanks to stealing the heart of one of SA’s biggest and boldest rappers. Suddenly she was in the fast-living, hard-partying lane occupied by the likes of SA’s A-list of entertainers.

Unlike his exes Bonang Matheba and DJ Zinhle, Nelli wasn’t a high-profile celebrity with a devoted fan base. A budding chef with big dreams, she preferred to keep her life private.

But her hopes of keeping a low profile were dashed when a video of her and AKA locking lips was leaked on social media about a year ago. The steamy clip outraged Zinhle’s fans, had the rapper cheated on her again after they reconciled?
Super Mega quickly set the record straight. He told fans he broke up with Zinhle, the mother of his child, before hooking up with Nelli.

Somizi drops a bombshell as he reveals next husband and wedding details



Outspoken Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo, has surprisingly revealed where his next husband will be from. Somizi was out in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and was awestruck by nightlife and beautiful people over there. So much so that he took Instagram to open up about the experience.

Somgaga raised eyebrows when he said that that his next husband will be from Mthatha and told his followers to get their outfits ready for his wedding. Now, where does this leave Mohale?

Somizi and Mohale
Somizi and Mohale

Could this be a confirmation that he’s split with Mohale Motaung? Their marriage has been rumoured to be on the rocks for months now, with some reports suggesting that they’re headed for divorce.

Popular Slay Queen Show Off New Car On Social Media, Gets Hijacked on Same Day – PICS



Some days it doesn’t pay to show off online. A young woman took to Twitter to flex her new ride and got hijacked on the same day. The alleged thieves must have been tipped off about her car and somehow knew her location

In a Twitter post by well-known social media commentator Man’s NOT Barry Roux, @AdvoBarryRoux, he shared the woman’s post which reveals what happened to her.

The post seems to have been deleted from her page but not before people took screenshots. Briefly News reached out to her and she confirmed that her car was stolen after she posted pics of it online. She revealed that she had deleted the post from her Twitter account

Good News for actress Phumeza Mdabe’s blind son whose eyes were removed due to cancer




With tears rolling down her face and a huge lump in her throat, Phumeza Mdabe had to shatter her son’s illusions, informing him that he will never be able to see again. After receiving exciting news that he would be getting prosthetic eyes fitted soon, Mpilo jumped for joy, because of the possibility of gaining eyesight again.

TV personality Phumeza Mdabe shared a heartbreaking story on Twitter about how she had to break it down to her son that he would never be able to see again. 7-year-old Mpilo had his eyes removed after being diagnosed with cancer. Yearly, Mpilo has to get new prosthetic eyes and on the 29th of April, he will be getting new eyes fitted.

“Mpilo is getting new prosthetic eyes fitted soon, he screamed and said, ‘I’m gonna see like everyone else.’ I had to explain that he will never have vision again while a lump sat in my throat and trying my best for him not to hear me crying. This journey isn’t easy at all,” she tweeted.

Speaking to a local publication, Phumeza said his friends continuously remind him of his disability and being a young kid, he cannot understand why he cannot see. “He still doesn’t understand why he can’t see,” she said.

“What makes things worse is that his friends keep reminding him that he’ll never see again and such statements hurt him. I know they don’t mean to hurt him, but children will always be brutally honest. Whenever he comes back with such statements, we constantly assure him he’s special,” she added.



When Sibonile Ngubane married her 26-year-old lover, it was a weekend full of joy and traditional dance.


Sibonir met Bühl in 1995 and her smile fascinated him. After that, they started a beautiful love story and now share their four kids together. Talking about how they met the star, he met his wife who worked in Johannesburg and said she was staying in Tenvisa.As they grew up together, they decided to join the Shembe Church, which hosted their traditional wedding. “A few years later, we realized that we had to be part of the church to make our lives easier,” he said.

The couple got engaged in December and held a traditional engagement ceremony called umkhehlo. And this weekend, Sunday, April 18th, April 18th, they had a traditional wedding at his home in Mandini, north of KZN. You can wash your eyes with the beautiful pictures below:

The 15 year old accused is not safe in her parents care should remain in the youth centre

The 15 year old accused is not safe in her parents care should remain in the youth centre.The past week mzansi has been in turmoil after the video of Lufuno being bullied by her school mates.

The 15 year old accused is not safe in her parents care should remain in the youth centre

What was more puzzling was that she was being bullied because she defended her self on social media, they made it seem it was wrong for her to say she is or were beautiful. Lufuno then blocked her bully and the bully felt Lufuno had no right to do that even though it was Lufuno’s facebook profile and she had every right to choose who should be a part of her social media pages.

This ordeal led to Lufuno committing s_uicide and left a court case for her bully. On the on going trial today the state argued that the accused shouldn’t be granted bail as she was not safe in her parent’s care. The 14 year old girl should remain in custody.

Isn’t it amazing that the accused wasn’t the only one there, however she is the only one recorded assaulting Lufuno. In the video one of the girls was having a verbal fight with Lufuno however she’s not mentioned anywhere not even once. When the accused was assaulting Lufuno, there were people laughing and chanting, however now only one faces the music and her whole life has changed for the worst and will forever be known a bully that led someone to commit s_uicide.


This should be a great lesson to teenagers, or pupils who are still in school, your life is about you and only you, never make a decision based on whose rooting for you. Bad behaviour doesn’t reward good results. A bad decision can change your whole life at the blink of an eye.


The state’s argument is understandable given that people are still angry at the accused, her life should be taken to consideration. In all truth she’s still a child herself and hasn’t realised the impact of her actions even though they led to someone’s death. Her facebook posts after the incidents made that vividly visible.


However bullying is absolutely wrong, but we really dont want to lose another soul based on this issue. People should try to help this young girl as she is still a child herself. How do we break the chain, as long as a community we are handling this issue with anger we are perpetuating the situation, we are low key bullying the accused.

Trouble in paradise: Actress Sophie Ndaba and Max Lichaba break up as husband cheats


Legendary television actress Sophie Ndaba’s marriage to husband and businessman Max Lichaba is headed for splitsville just a month after they renewed their vows.

A local publication has learnt that Ndaba and Lichaba separated last year just after the outbreak of Covid-19 in March.

The disintegration of their much-publicized union happened after they renewed their vows and wore new weddings bands in February last year.


The two lovebirds are allegedly heading for divorce after trying unsuccessfully to sort out their differences and rekindle their love. If this faltering matrimony crumbles, it will be Ndaba’s third failed marriage in 23 years.

Ndaba, who shot to stardom when she played Queen Moroka in SABC1 soapie Generations, was married to fellow actor Themba Ndaba, who plays Brutus in The Queen, in 1998. The couple divorced in 2007.


She later tied the knot with Bishop Keith Harrington in 2011 and they broke up acrimoniously in 2013. She wedded Lichaba in 2018.

News of Ndaba and Lichaba’s separation, which was kept hush hush, was revealed by the couple’s close friend, who did not want to be named for fear of victimization.

Ndaba, who shot to stardom when she played Queen Moroka in SABC1 soapie Generations, was married to fellow actor Themba Ndaba, who plays Brutus in The Queen, in 1998. The couple divorced in 2007.

She later tied the knot with Bishop Keith Harrington in 2011 and they broke up acrimoniously in 2013. She wedded Lichaba in 2018.


Gospel star Sphumelele Mbambo who survived 2 car accidents & lost her mother speaks on quitting to sing for God


When she’s on stage, one could swear that all is well with former Joyous Celebration member Sphumelele Mbambo.

But the muso has been through tribulations. Sphumelele said she only survives through music and prayer.

She said there was a time where she thought of quitting music, but prayer revived her hope.


“I’ve been tried and tested. I even thought that maybe doing music was the biggest mistake of my life,” said Sphumelele.

“I thought of quitting. But after I bowed down and prayed, the hope came back.


“I was motivated by prayer. I didn’t want to give the devil that satisfaction. I didn’t want to fail.”

In 2017, Sphumelele spent three days in hospital after she was involved in a car accident.
In December 2018, she was also involved in a second accident that left her Mercedes-Benz written off.

In the following year, she revealed she was broke, couldn’t get gigs and was using taxis to travel.

In October last year, she lost her mum who died after a short illness.

Sphumelele said all these challenges made her strong.

“My mum was my pillar of strength. She was my prayer warrior and a shoulder to cry on,” she said.

“I was devastated when she died. But I looked back and said no, this can’t make me fall apart. I then prayed and got up stronger.”

Sphumelele said she’s still making music and gets gigs mostly in churches.

She said she’s also booked to preach.

“I do everything now. I pray for people, I do motivational speaking, I preach and I sing. Life is stilln’t easy but praying gives me strength to face the world. I’m still an entertainer,” said Sphumelele.