shocking truths and what she sleeps in ma Kelly Khumalo on switching bodies

shocking truths and what she sleeps in ma Kelly Khumalo on switching bodies

Malusi Gigaba Songstress Kelly Khumalo is set to illuminate our screens as her new Showmax show, Life With Kelly Khumalo, debuts on Thursday.

We as of late found the prospective unscripted television star to get some information about her design decisions, annoyances and then some:

What will the vast majority be stunned to get some answers concerning Kelly Khumalo?

That I’m the shyest individual you’ll at any point run over.

What did you need to be the point at which you were growing up?

I needed to be an analyst and an attorney — those are the two things I needed to be.

What might you never be found wearing out in the open?

A wedge shoe. I despise it.

What outfit in your storeroom do you wear the most?

I’ve as of late understood that I’m wearing a ton of dark tracksuits and sweaters. That is the thing that I wear a great deal. Possibly in light of the fact that I’m not ready to move around and I simply need to be agreeable.

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What’s the best blessing you’ve at any point gotten?

It’s an emerald neck piece that a person got me two or three years prior, a person who was attempting to ask me out. It was a lot to be very genuine.

On the off chance that you could switch bodies with anybody on the planet, who might it be?

Nobody however myself.

What’s the exact opposite thing you do before hitting the hay around evening time?

I express gratitude toward God forever.

Which is the one melody you are humiliated is on your playlist?

I don’t have any in light of the fact that I’m a performer and I discover music simply delightful. It doesn’t make a difference what it implies, where it’s from.

What’s the most exceedingly terrible buy you have ever constructed?

I don’t have one. I’m in every case exacting about what I purchase. On the off chance that I get it, I really need it.

What is the main goal on your can list?

There are a ton of them. At this moment I couldn’t want anything more than to visit Morocco.

You’re waiting for capital punishment. What is your last feast?

I’ll likely have pizza. I’ve as of late found that I love pizza and I love preparing pizza.

What do you snooze?

I like comfortable night wear, for the most part silk.

You wake up as a pastel. What shading right?

Is there a gold one? I think I’ll be the gold one.

What’s your preferred hang-out spot on the planet?

I love hanging out in Maboneng as a result of that assorted variety and I get the opportunity to meet new individuals and that is the thing that I appreciate.

What’s your annoyance?

I’m irritated by a ton of things. In any case, one that has been irritating me as of late is the sex based savagery and the killings against ladies.

What message do you have for the South African open with regards to sex based brutality?

There’s a great deal to be said. There are a great deal of ladies kicking the bucket. I believe it’s an ideal opportunity to act. On the off chance that we need to close down the nation, we should do that. Something very similar that we’ve applied to Covid-19, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to apply it to sex based brutality? This is a genuine issue that we have to go to to.and his significant other Norma’s own lives are by and by at the center of attention after the previous fund serve laid criminal accusations against his better half.

Malusi on Friday laid charges against Norma for supposedly harming a R3m Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG that her significant other had acquired from a companion, specialist Peter Siyaya.

Norma was captured dependent on the claims. She made R5,000 abandon Saturday and showed up in court on Monday. Her case has been deferred to September 14.

Here five outrages encompassing the pair’s relationship.


The legislator’s supposed issue with New York-based design beautician Buhle Mkhize was made open in 2015 after Mkhize lifted the cover on their supposed relationship.

In the letter, Mkhize uncovered affirmed hot insights regarding how she was spoilt by the priest. Mkhize said she had no clue about that the previous pastor was taken and discovered uniquely on the day he got married to Norma.


After two years, after the letter, Norma shielded Malusi, revealing to eNCA that her significant other had done nothing incorrectly.

“In the event that I had gotten Malusi accomplishing something, at that point I wouldn’t be staying here today. Be that as it may, everything was conveyed to me. I am an expert, so I need to recognize what your expectations are in the event that you are revealing to me this. So what do you need me to do, particularly since my marriage is so new?” said Norma.

Costly way of life experiences harsh criticism

Around the same time, the couple stood out as truly newsworthy after a test into their lavish way of life was made open.

BusinessLIVE detailed that citizens spent more than R500‚000 on abroad excursions taken by couple.

Norma went with her significant other to the US for occasions of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, just as to the Brics gathering and a gathering of national bank governors in Shanghai‚ the African speculator meeting in London‚ and the G20 meeting in Germany.

THAT [email protected] VIDEO

In 2018, Malusi was the subject of a released delicious s.e.x video.

The video was shared on the web and made it on to the world’s greatest p0rn website, P0rnHub.

Saying ‘sorry’ for it, Malusi said the video was intended for his better half’s eyes as it were.

“This video has been at the focal point of various shakedown and coercion endeavors, going back to the period following my arrangement as pastor of account on March 31 2017, all of which I have enduringly wouldn’t engage,” he said on Twitter.


Norma was accused of pernicious harm to property and crimen injuria on Monday.

Her legitimate group will challenge the legitimacy of her capture.

“From the time the issue was examined by the Hawks, they had visited her home on different occasions. They went to her home late on Friday evening, and one marvels why that occurred,” Victor Nkwashu said.

Talking on eNCA, Hawks representative Hangwani Muluadzi said there was more to the couple’s story than what is in broad daylight.

SundayTimes announced that a source inside the Hawks said a danger on Gigaba’s life was revealed in June.