Zolisa Xaluva opens up about playing Melusi on ‘Gomora’

Zolisa Xaluva opens up about playing Melusi on ‘Gomora’

Famous entertainer Zolisa Xaluva has opened up about his Gomora character, sharing how it has shown him the significance of men mending before they take their agony out on their kids.

Zolisa has featured in a few significant creations, including as Diamond on The Queen and Jason on Generations, however has caught hearts with his job as Melusi on the well known Mzansi Magic dramatization Gomora.

Visiting to TshisaLIVE as of late, Zolisa said he is diminished to at long last be playing a “hero”.

He said the job had instructed him that men ought to permit their youngsters to act naturally and not take their own injury out on them.

“I am not a dad. I have never been a father, however I get familiar with consistently about persistence and permitting kids to act naturally. Additionally permitting yourself, as a dad, to not permit your very own agony to be intelligent in the manner you bring up your kid. It’s imperative to have self-improvement previously (you have kids),” he stated, taking note of that Melusi’s agony is appearing in the manner he brings up his child.

He encouraged the individuals who see themselves in Melusi’s circumstance to address somebody and find support.

“Many individuals, particularly individuals of color, can relate. I do by and by also. My father was exacting growing up. We had a severe childhood, my sibling and I, where there wasn’t a lot of space for your very own assessment, everything was somewhat authorized on you.

“However, I am additionally happy to state that I have a superior relationship with my dad now as a developed man than when I was more youthful. I find that he is to a greater degree a companion. I think he has additionally discovered that ‘eish, I don’t should be indistinguishable path to my kids from my dad was to me.'”

Zolisa has solidified his place as probably the best on-screen character in the nation for his jobs, however notoriety has included some significant pitfalls for the star. He as of late succumbed to a fraudster beginning a stokvel trick in his name through a phony Facebook account.

“From the start I wouldn’t fret. I wasn’t insulted that somebody had taken my personality, fundamentally, however it became something that begun influencing my image or validity to certain individuals. This individual is presently blackmailing cash from individuals utilizing my name … a few people have gotten bulldozed, lamentably. It truly troubles me.”