Young actress Ama Qamata tested positive for Covid-19

Young actress Ama Qamata tested positive for Covid-19

Gomora entertainer Ama Qamata’s fans have filled her TL with well wishes after she reported that she had tried positive for Covid-19.

The on-screen character, who is additionally mainstream for her lead job on Netflix’s Blood and Water, made her outcomes open through a video on Instagram Live, consoling fans that she is just encountering gentle side effects.

“I simply need to take this video to report that I have tried positive for Covid-19. I feel fine, sincerely I have gentle manifestations. The main thing I’m encountering is simply I can’t smell or taste anything. Other than that I feel fine.”

Ama additionally utilized the chance to urge individuals to follow the guidelines set up to help control the spread of the infection. She requested that individuals remain at home as much as possible and to abstain from going out except if it is completely important.

“I simply need to advise everybody to remain inside, if there’s no motivation to go out, don’t. In case you’re going out ensure you folks disinfect, stay away, wear your cover and folks we’re going to get past this. Like the platitude goes: difficult stretches never last, just intense individuals last, so we’ll be fine,” she said.

Her fans have been flooding her TL with messages of help.