Thickleeyonce Stood Up For Nasty C After Tweeps Wanted To ‘Twist’ His Words

Thickleeyonce stood up for Nasty C after tweeps wanted to ‘twist’ his words

Hefty size model Thickleeyonce turned out with regards to rapper Nasty C, after tweeps heard him notice Thickleeyonce on one of his tracks and asserted he had fat-disgraced her.

Dreadful C at last dropped his eagerly awaited collection, Zulu Man With Some Power, last Friday and keeping in mind that it has gotten general and worldwide recognition, tweeps experienced it with the utmost attention to detail and found a verse they thought was “hazardous”.

In one of his tunes, Deep Pockets, which highlights Rowlene, the rapper spits, “My shirt like Thickleeyonce, it’s completely adjusted/Everybody desirous, everyone distraught I read the mystery, just to go yell it …”

At the point when one tweep labeled Thickleeyonce to praise her “name drop second” another tweep inquired as to why that line didn’t raise warnings as fat disgracing. Thickleeyonce immediately shared her contemplations and shut the tweep down.

“He truly just implies that his pockets are as rotund as me. Likewise, he contacted me before he put it on the tune, he inquired as to whether I wouldn’t fret and I revealed to him I was hella cool with it, I’m not outraged by individuals calling me fat, I’m annoyed by individuals disgracing me for being fat.”

Also, just in the event that they didn’t get the message, Thickleeyonce said it twice … you know for accentuation!

“Awful C dm’d me months back about this, I was hella energized! Lol you all must not exhaust me,” Thickleeyonce said.

Sister is simply ouchea observing Nasty C and his prosperity.

That is the vibe!