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The Love Story Of Sinikiwe, The Zimbabwean Influencer Who Was Born Without Hands And Knees



Zimbabwean motivational speaker and influencer, Sinikiwe Kademaunga, has tied the knot with her long term partner, Reuben Zhiva. Sinikiwe made the announcement on social media several weeks after revealing the identity of her man for the first time.


Sinikiwe and Reuben met in 2017, and Reuben even had to pretend to be deaf and dumb because he wanted to win her acceptance. She said that people told her that Reuben was coming for her money, but that wasn’t the case, as he proved that what he felt for her was genuine.



On February 1st, 2021, Sinikiwe had announced that she was expecting a baby with her partner, and had taken to Instagram to share a photo of herself.


Sinikiwe was born without hands and knees, coupled with dwarfism. During an interview with BTV, she said that when she was born, it was hard for her family to accept her with her condition. She said that she doesn’t really see her disability unless she finds herself in situations that remind her of her condition.

She said that God had given her the brains and everything to go out there and be wonderful and do whatever she wants to do.


Sinikiwe can do her own makeup and also for other people even without hands. She stated that if people live their lives depending on other people, their confidence would be taken away from them.

We wish her and her husband a happy married life.