Somizi shared his thoughts on homophobia and people coming out

Somizi shared his thoughts on homophobia and people coming out



A furious discussion was lighted after Somizi posted an image of himself with his bestie, Vusi Nova.

One client reacted to the post, asserting Vusi was “difficult” and expected to “come out”.

Somizi asked what the fixation was with others’ sexuality, and said Vusi was content with himself.

“Angilwi ngiyabuza, what’s the fixation on others’ sexuality? Maybe the appropriate responses will improve a specific part of your life, or as though it improves one feel about themselves in the event that they out another person. Trust me, he is substance and I trust you are as well and make an amazing most.”

Another fan said something, proposing that the more individuals come out, the more it would urge others to feel great to do likewise.

Somizi hit back at the hypothesis, saying individuals ought to be OK with themselves.

“Nah, fam. Kanti what number of individuals should come out for individuals to be alright with themselves? Furthermore, for what reason would it be a good idea for it to take that for them to arrive at that point?”

He said the issue was not what number of individuals were coming out, yet rather how others managed their own homophobia.

‘Do you think if more individuals of color possessed land bigotry will end? Not a chance. I simply figure individuals must arrangement with their homophobia.”

He additionally hit back at claims that he was never loving with his significant other Mohale, kidding that he doesn’t kiss folks.