Prince Kaybee was hurt by a comment on Twitter

Prince Kaybee was hurt by a comment on Twitter

Of all the digital hits Prince Kaybee has been hit with in his different twars, it was the words from a unidentified recipient of his scholarly sponsorship that left him in his feels.

In a presently erased tweet, Prince Kaybee uncovered that amidst the ongoing twars he’s been landing himself in with performer Anga Makubalo, he ran into a sudden tweet that left him appropriately hacked.

“The time I was slanting, when individuals were slamming me, I experienced all the remarks. Amazingly I chanced upon a tweet from somebody who I have been secretly subsidizing their varsity expenses for as far back as four years. She tweeted: “Kabelo is a s**t individual,” he composed.

Sovereign Kaybee’s fans hauled the unidentified young lady for a considerable length of time saying she’s selfish and ought to basically be cut off.

Notwithstanding, the Gugulethu hitmaker said there was no chance the young lady could have realized that he was her scholarly support.

He likewise conceded that in spite of realizing that the young lady has no clue about what he’s accomplished for her, he was harmed that she would allude to him in that manner.

The DJ additionally reminded fans that his retirement from DJ’ing is nearer than a great many people might want to think.

As indicated by a discussion with one of his devotees, he wants to be out of the game by 40.

He didn’t indicate if that implies just DJ’ing, or from music out and out.