OH NO !!Celebrity couple Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna’s relationship has ended

OH NO !!Celebrity couple Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna’s relationship has ended

Devotees of entertainers Thishiwe Ziqubu and Mandisa Nduna were left sorrowful on Thursday when Thishiwe uncovered that she and Mandisa separated some time back.

Thishiwe and Mandisa were one of Mzansi’s most loved celeb couples for a very long time, and were delegated the Cutest Couple of the year at the ninth yearly Feather Awards.

Thishiwe broke the news ridiculous on the TL, saying they believed they should share the disagreeable news on the grounds that endless individuals praised their affection with them during the great occasions.

“Excellent individuals. Since you adored and upheld us, we should tell you. Mandisa and I separated some time back,” they said.

The entertainer clarified that while they may have part, they will consistently hold the affection they had dear to their souls. They likewise inferred the separation was neighborly.

“It is an affection I will consistently prize and honor, and everything is acceptable,” they said.

At that point they appended an image of themselves in a grasp with the words, “End of a period. So long, my affection”.

The entertainers began standing out as truly newsworthy as sweethearts in 2017.

They immediately got perhaps the most blazing couple in Mzansi and banner carriers for the LGBTIQ people group. Addressing Tumi Morake on her late night syndicated program WTF with Tumi, they clarified why it was normal for them to share their affection.

The pair likewise got a great deal of backfire, generally from homophobic individuals. Notwithstanding, their adoration and showcases of friendship via web-based media were a consistent “center finger” to every one of their haters.

Their affection was intense and proud and their hot pictures posted on their TLs was verification they couldn’t have cared less what anybody thought of them.

Addressing TshisaLIVE about their relationship soon after they announced it freely, the couple said they won’t conceal who they are from others.

“By concealing who we are as individuals in the LGBTI people group, we give homophobic individuals more ‘control’ over us. Obviously we experience a daily reality such that just by existing as a lady, your life is imperiled, yet we accept try to live and cherish similarly as we are intended to do. How is it your daily routine when you experience it for others?” they said.