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Nomcebo Zikode posted her new car but Mzansi noticed something


Nomcebo Zikode got herself in trouble after she was spotted standing next to lost expensive brand new car. Nomcebo Zikode was seen by her fans who struggle to accept that the South African singer Nomcebo can afford such beautiful amd expensive car.
If you are not strong in the entertainment industry you will not survive. One of facebook comment who is said to be the admin have congratulated her in her buying brand new Rolls-Royce Phathom. Some people are really blessed out there.

According to the social media user the car that Nomcebo was spotted with Rolls-Royce is said to worth at around 16 Million Car. It is a congratulation to Nomcebo Zikode God has open a new door today and forever its not easy but she has tried to be where she is. Although mzansi may seems to disagree with the fact thatnshe bought a new car we cannot avoid to send out congrats massages.



One of social media influencer has revealed that she was in the US celebrating her birthday when she took that picture of her and the car. Flowing the fact that this company is a miami company in US and fans believe that her worth does not affort it that’s true. Mzansi have refused to congratulate lies.

Mzansi have criticized her saying that it was better is better to buy something that she can afford in life time she still young rather invest in property it will help her when time goes. Mzansi have vow that but she cannot afford this car currently, it’s her dream car maybe she was just taking a picture.



Those who love and admire her have congratulated her. We are happy that there are still peoe who still feel like she deserve to be congratulated regardless whether she has enough net worth or not. Sometimes it’s not about who you are or where do you come from, it’s s about favour from God. That car is not for people who think they are better than others, this is her cars guys, they are not made for special people.



Congratulations in advance as I’ve read comments of those who knows het worth saying not yet she’s just posing, I can’t say anything negative as that I haven’t seen it in Car Dealers Shops. If it’s her time to shine it’s her time to shine.