Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi teaches a tweep about what it means to love your natural hair

Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi teaches a tweep about what it means to love your natural hair

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi took to Twitter this week to applaud back at a tweep apparently abhorring on weaves. Sister made it clear she praises all ladies, paying little mind to their hairdo decisions.

Our worldwide sovereign reminded Mzansi precisely why they love her such a great amount during her visit to SA for the 2020 Miss SA event.

In spite of the fact that Mzansi has their eyes stuck on current champion Shudufhadzo Musida, we generally have space in our souls for the sovereign who spoke to SA all around.

As of late, the all around cherished and regarded Zozi set a tweep straight on a significant story including, that’s right, you got it, hair!

After Miss SA 2019 posted a complimentary tweet for Miss SA 2020, a tweep accepted the open door to show his adoration for the sincere cooperation. Nonetheless, the tweep stepped on a couple of toes in the process when he said Zozi is a model for ladies to discard weaves and wear their common hair.

Zozi answered to explain the misconception, saying ladies ought to be respected paying little mind to their hair.

“It’s really not about that. It’s about self-sufficiency. The capacity of ladies communicating anyway they decide to. It’s tied in with saying we are for the most part lovely in our normal hair and in weaves for the individuals who decide to. It is anything but an opposition yet a festival, all things considered,” composed Zozi.

The client has since apologized for his says, saying he doesn’t *actually* disdain weaves and he didn’t intend to insult anybody. Particularly not the SA diplomat.

“I regard everybody’s decisions and contrasts. I ought to likewise learn not to kid about those. I don’t have anything against the weave or any type of hair. I am sorry to everybody that my words didn’t come out how I would have preferred them to. They came out hostile all things considered,” composed the tweep.