Manaka Ranaka wants to be a single mother

Manaka Ranaka wants to be a single mother

Ages: The Legacy entertainer Manaka Ranaka has said something regarding a discussion around the custom of serving food to men and looking out for twisted knee until they were finished.

The star started furious discussion via web-based networking media as of late when she posted an image of a lady acting with great humility, serving her significant other.

Remarking on the custom, Manaka said she would never observe herself embracing it.

“Never! At that point when are the children going to get the consideration they merit and need on the off chance that we are caught up with bowing for grown-ups that need more consideration than the children they brought into this world?

“Where I originate from, youngsters are a higher priority than him and I. Envision the infant crying her lungs out while mama is compelled to disregard the kid, stooping for daddy to complete the process of eating. Hayi, never. Shem.”

She included that she would “preferably be a single parent” than take on the work on, starting resentment among certain adherents who blamed her for being critical and encouraging her to do her exploration before posting.

They guaranteed Manaka had confounded the custom and was taunting it.

“What clan did I notice? It’s alright on the off chance that you bow for him, ain’t nothing incorrectly, nana. It’s your way of life, your decision. Be that as it may, mina I won’t and you shouldn’t censure me for (not) tolerating male centric society and its ways,” Manaka reacted.