Loving husband says he has combed his wife’s afro for 23 years

Loving husband says he has combed his wife’s afro for 23 years



Dr Jones Lukose and his wife Beatrice have garnered attention online for their fairytale-like relationship

– The couple’s daughter posted a video on social media that showed her parents as “marriage goals”

– Jones makes every effort to ensure his wife’s happiness, which includes brushing her afro, serenading her and preparing cups of tea for her

An IT-specialist from the United Kingdom named Dr Jones Lukose is the type of doting husband usually found between the pages of romance novels.

The man and his wife Dr Beatrice Lukose have garnered attention online after their daughter posted a video labelling them as “marriage goals”.


The couple have been married for 23 years and their daughter, Queen, posted footage of them together with some of the cute ways her father shows love for her mother.

The video was titled Things My Dad Does to Make My Mum Smile and showed various actions of affection Jones does for Beatrice.

Snippets show him combing her afro, singing to her and making her cups of tea, all of which had social media commenters gushing over their love.

The clip was watched by millions of people across the globe and even reached celebrity Kelly Rowland.

In the video, Queen detailed the routines her dad has formed over the years because he knows how happy they make his beloved wife.

Jones prepares Beatrice a cup of tea every day, plays her favourite song on the guitar, checks if her outfits are on point and gives her foot massages.

Jones refers to Beatrice as his flower and even teaches young men how to value their partners.