Infidelity And Divorce Talks, Somizi Catches Mohale Cheating With A Rich Married Man

Infidelity And Divorce Talks, Somizi Catches Mohale Cheating With A Rich Married Man

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, they assert right? Their marriage has long been rumoured to get on the rocks, now sources on the brink of the couple say infidelity has led to divorce talks.

The once glossy marriage between mediap personalitySomizi Mhlongo Motaung and his husband Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo could also be losing its lustre, because the couple are allegedly preparing for a politician split.

Following reports that the couple had put the brakes on their relationship in November, an area publication has learnt that the 2 are currently discussing an amicable separation through divorce.
The couple declined to discuss their alleged marriage woes.

When involved comment, Mohale said: “I thought you were calling me about something else. If it’s about this then, no, i select to not say anything.”

Yesterday, Somizi didn’t reply to any of the questions sent to him, only saying: “Please make my year and write that story. i will be able to sue the living hell out of you and your publicat
ion for this crap you’re asking me.”

However, three sources – an in depth friend and a colleague of Somizi’s, also as a lover of Mohale’s claimed that the estranged couple were headed for splitsville.

The couple, who tied the knot two years ago during a publicized television wedding, allegedly spent Christmas and New Years apart.

It is also believed that Mohale has removed of their matrimonial range in Dainfern, northern Johannesburg, and is currently staying with a lover in Sandton.

Sources on the brink of the couple allege that one among the most factors standing within the way of the pair filing papers is that the discussions surrounding their divorce settlement.

He doesn’t attend their matrimonial range in Dainfern. it’s believed that they’re busy negotiating their divorce settlement,” the source alleged.

Sources also claim that the most cause for the rift within the relationship is numerous allegations of cheating on Mohale’s part, including shortly before their wedding in 2019.

Another source on the brink of the pair said the aggravation for Somizi was when he discovered that his husband allegedly had an affair with one among their close friends, who is additionally a husband .

“The guy is married to a lady and has kids. that’s why Somizi didn’t begin about this because he wanted to be sensitive to guard the guy’s young children. The guy is additionally financially powerful, so he doesn’t want to tug his name and reputation,” the source claimed.

“The boy [Mohale] is everywhere the show, but I don’t blame him. he’s young and Somizi wanted to urge married as he’s old.

Mohale just wants to play, he wasn’t ready. Even every week before the marriage , Somizi wanted to chop off the marriage because he acknowledged that Mohale was cheating, but he couldn’t ,” the source said.
The couple, who star in their own reality television program , Living The Dream with Somizi, wear numerous times addressed their marriage troubles through the show.