CONGRATULATION Moshe Ndiki Will Soon Be A Father

CONGRATULATION Moshe Ndiki will soon be a father

Television character Moshe Ndiki has declared he will be a father.

Taking to Twitter prior this week, the previous The Queen star imparted the energizing news to companions and fans.

The star clarified that through surrogacy, he’s ready to make his fantasy about turning into a dad work out as expected. He even has a name for his little buddle of satisfaction: “Tina” Ndiki.

“I appealed to God for you, ached for you, Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander (Tina) Ndiki. Much obliged to you to my PCP, my richness center, my companion Sabelo who helped me start, and my proxy. What an excursion we have gone and still to travel. I will be a father!” tweeted Moshe.

Well done, Moshe!