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Stylish Tswana Wedding Dresses _2020

When asked to describe her wedding in seven words our bride, Boitumelo said “The–beautiful–realisation–of–a–lifelong-dream” My heart melts every time I read that little sentence from this Tswana wedding. It’s one of those weddings I would gatecrash in a heartbeat, lol. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.


“We met in Varsity through a mutual friend. We then started chatting and my then boyfriend took me out for ice-cream. He had so much to say, I was like what a smart guy, definitely, a keeper. And like they say, the rest is history.”


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Xhosa Couples Who Rocked Their Traditional Attire

Monday Blues? What Monday blues. If you’re feeling a little low today, DON’T. Because, Mondays are happy days here on the blog. I’ve seriously stylish inspiration to share with you today. So find somewhere(preferably a place where your boss won’t find you,lol) and read on. I promise it won’t take more than two minutes but you have to see this inspiration.

Bontle bride is all about making traditional weddings fashionable forever. Not that they haven’t been but they never make it to press unless if it’s a big celebrity. I’m all for celebrity weddings but I think some of the most extraordinary weddings are of everyday beautiful couples with such grace and style, they deserve to have a platform of their own. Therefore, I’ll keep posting as many weddings as I possibly can. However in many of the weddings I’ve received for a feature, the photographs have been blurry, so, unfortunately, I’ve had to pass on those weddings.


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Cape Town shweshwe Wedding With The Bride _ In 2020

Hey Precious Ones! How’s your day so far. I hope it is going well whatever it is that you’re doing. I’ve been thinking about giving the blog and the whole Bontle Bride brand a makeover. I’ve spent half my day looking for a good quality graphic designer at a reasonable cost and found none; zilch. Oh well, the search continues. If you know anyone please let me know.



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Stunning Soweto Wedding_Very dazzling

Good morning my loves, how are you these days? I desire all is properly with you. I actually have this stunning Soweto wedding ceremony to proportion with you nowadays. But before I do I just wanted to mention thanks on your continued guide. The greater you examine the blog the more I can supply weddings, suggestions, and ideas for you. My goal is to make your wedding ceremony adventure less complicated. Less stress and extra amusing.

Ever when you consider that I began Bontle Bride I’m surprised at how the marriage industry has modified. A few years ago traditional weddings weren’t truly a component. Couples targeted and spent extra on white weddings. Nowadays couples take delight in conventional weddings and an increasing number of are casting off the western definition of what a marriage should appear to be. And boy oh boy, we are loving it and are grateful for the privilege to proportion such stunning memories.


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Stunning Wedding With The Bride In Green Shweshwe print In 2020

Good morning my sweet loves. I wish you’re playing the closing day of the long weekend. I’ve had such amusing spending time with my loved ones and I desire your weekend become fun too.

Weddings are such a laugh celebrations. Starting a new existence along with your different half is interesting. However, planning is often onerous and time-ingesting. I’ve devoted myself to bringing you the form of content material to be able to inspire you and information approximately the suppliers at the stop of each submit if you want to apply them to your very own wedding ceremony.

The bride wears a green custom made shweshwe dress in nowadays’s wedding. Do you don’t forget a couple of years ago whilst blue become the most effective shweshwe print which you’d see on Instagram? Things have actually modified. It looks like inexperienced shweshwe is right here to live. We are loving each dress on this print. Move over blue here comes the green shweshwe in all its glory.

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A Seriously Gorgeous Zulu And Sepedi Wedding In 2020

A Seriously Gorgeous Zulu And Sepedi Wedding .It’s been a couple of weeks since the release of Bontle Bride Magazine. Everything is moving at a slow pace but we will get there. I just want to say thank you to all who have shared and liked the magazine. I’m still working on getting it to the shops, so please be patient, you’ll soon be able to go to your local supermarket and buy one.

You don’t know how excited I am to have Tumi and Lebo grace Bontle’s pages with their gorgeous Zulu And Sepedi Wedding. It feels my heart with so much joy to see couples enjoy their weddings their way. Although they plan to have a white wedding sometime next year, they put such tremendous efforts to make sure that their traditional wedding was memorable. Here’s their story, ENJOY.


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Stunning Modern shweshwe And Sesotho Wedding

Stunning Modern shweshwe And Sesotho Wedding. Morning my loves. I’m sure you think I’ve neglected this space but I’ve been busy with the magazine. I’ve not had time to post anything on here. I don’t promise to suddenly return to posting every week, however, I’ll try my best. The publishing business isn’t easy yhoo! Had I known the huddles and hoops I’d have to face starting Bontle Bride Magazine, I wouldn’t have started. But now I’m in too deep, I might as well finish.


For today though here’s a shweshwe And Sesotho wedding for you to enjoy. The proposal story is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. I literally felt goosebumps. Maybe Pisto should start something to teach groom-to-be how it’s done.

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Xhosa Dresses For The Beautiful Bride

Talking about the wedding fashion, I have noticed more and more of you looking for Xhosa dresses on your blog. I thought I will do some of the best Xhosa dresses i have seen across the web. In addition, it has been a long time since we enjoyed the African Xhosa dresses
Although I am not Xhosa , you always captivated the way decorating the brides traditional celebrations. Xhosa Wedding Dresses very surprising, not to mention the beads and face painting from the Bride (makoti). Always seems like something of the story of the African fairy tales (my grandmother was very good in the Tell them.) enjoy and worry. If you do not Xhosa, do not worry about your turn is coming.

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Elegant South African SHWESHWE SKIRTS FOR WOMEN IN 2020

Elegant South African SHWESHWE SKIRTS FOR WOMEN IN 2020. Fashion designs women’s clothing and advancement atramentous Izy fake shweshwe pro on canvas in vehicles and the next Shweshwe sedimentary designs a few best women still are able to catch someone, and al-tazraz ts kind i like the rocks coming claimed to weddings, what about you? Below are introduced methods of inspiration.

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Best Traditional Wedding Dresses Xhosa In South Africa 2020

Best Traditional Wedding Dresses Xhosa In South Africa 2020. All dress up all the beautiful designed. And the SILHOUETTE of the-line gown beautiful sparkly details. We are in for a treat in the bridal fashion this season. Of course, there are some fashion which became an idol of many women. You can dream of the day the wedding party, and bathrobes.

Talk about the designer fashions suite witnessed more search Xhosa Dresses . We Xhosa Dress up best in parts of the network. In addition, where we have the feast and ate anytoward Africa mainly Xhosa burqa. More details, not to mention its review her.


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