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Sis Thembi Seete Will Be Turning 62 Years Old In June This Year. And She Still Looks 25


The name Thembi has been trending all morning and one of the reason’s she’s right up there is because Kamo_Marven tweeted that the star is actually in her 60s now. This shocked many tweeps who ended up exposing Marven. The actress is actually 44 years old. She celebrated her birthday on March 25, 2021.

The star made sure her birthday weekend was a very special one – she celebrated in style in the mother city.




Seete is one of Mzansi’s fine talents. For years she’s reinvented herself and still does so today.

Born in Soweto in the year 1977, Thembi Seete broke onto the music scene through her music group Boom Shaka in 1993 – 2000. And after Book Shaka split Thembi launched her solo career, blessing us with hits such as Free.

The early 2000s marked the beginning of her acting career – she made her television debut in the critically-acclaimed Yizo Yizo. This was followed by Gazlam and Zone 14 a few years later.

Thembi also explored other ventures in television, joining the popular dance show Jika Ma Jila as a presenter. She also joined gospel show, Clash of The Choirs in 2012 as one of the choirmasters.

Her more recent television roles include Bongi on Rhythm City, The Queen as well as Gladys on Mzansi Magic’s Gomora.

Thembi has always been a forward-thinking woman, she’s also a fitness instructor, radio host, motivational speaker and a businesswoman.



The 27-year-old is fast becoming one of the biggest names in the local entertainment scene and he continues to bring audiences something fresh.


Ahead of his appearance on the upcoming ninth season of Tropika Island Of Treasure, we help you get to know the real Siphesihle Vazi with these fun facts:

1. While it has previously been reported that Siphesihle Vazi is his stage name and that not many people know his real name, this is in fact false. Siphesihle Vazi is definitely his real name.

2. Siphesihle burst onto the local entertainment space back in 2015 when he joined Selimathunzi as a host. However, not many people know how Siphesihle wowed the show’s producers.

“I did one episode with them as a guest presenter. The producers seemed to like me. They called me back for a few screen tests and, within no time, I was given the job,” he said.
3. Besides being in the media space, Siphesihle has big dreams of becoming an entrepreneur – which is why he studied a BA in marketing communication from the University of Johannesburg.

4. Siphesihle used to be a pig farmer. In fact, he was so dedicated to his cause that he often used to participate in piggery classes to ensure that he was the best farmer he could be.

5. The one thing that he hates to eat is avocado.

“I know so many people are into eating avocado – so much so that people get offended when I tell them that I don’t enjoy it.”

. The star says that his love for acting came about because he used to be obsessed with accents.

“I love speaking in different accents and creating characters in my head, although I do feel like everyone does that. This is part of the reason I love playing different characters and essentially fell in love with acting,” he said.

7. The star will appear on the upcoming season of Tropika Island Of Treasure. The series will take place in Curacao (an island in the Caribbean) and Siphesihle’s smooth personality and quick-thinking ability makes him the perfect fit to be #TeamMangoPeach’s leader!

8. The actor has a major sweet tooth but ice cream is his downfall.9. His most embarrassing on-screen moment was when he interviewed designer David Tlale for a segment on Selimathunzi.

“I ended the interview saying ‘Okay David, thank you for sharing with us. Good luck in New York and go do whatever you do’ where I was referring to a showcase he was participating in. He turned back and said, ‘I don’t do whatever’. Unfortunately, the viewers saw that and the whole incident is just so embarrassing.”

10. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and, for Siphesihle, his favourite dish is any sort of braai meat or seafood.




LEGENDARY TV presenter Twasa recently completed her postgraduate diploma in business administration.

Twasa, whose real name is Seipati Seoke, told Daily Sun she was relieved when she found out she was graduating.


“School can sometimes be intense and heavy, as half of the time you doubt whether you will make it or not.


“So finding out I will be graduating was a big relief.”She said obtaining the qualification wasn’t easy.

“So finding out I will be graduating was a big relief.”

She said obtaining the qualification wasn’t easy.Although it was no walk in the park, Twasa said she would study further if given the opportunity.

“I feel I have a few glass ceilings to break. The journey of learning never stops.

“It stops the day you lose your curiosity.


“I took a business-related course as I have a keen interest in business and I am curious to learn how to create effective systems,” she said.

Known for presenting Jam Alley, Twasa now hosts Lesedi FM’s breakfast show.

“My journey in the entertainment industry has been amazing and presenting the breakfast show on Lesedi FM for the past three years has been exciting and a breath of fresh air for me.

“I get excited every time I think about that girl child who gets to listen to women on the biggest time slots on radio, so that they can imagine themselves at the pinnacle of any industry they desire to pursue.”

Twasa hoped to build the kind of legacy that would inspire generations after us.

Asked if she would ever return to the small screen, Twasa said: “Anything is possible as long as I am alive.

“I live a life of possibilities, but I also live a life of planning and doing things in order. So yes, you’ll see me again on your screens,” she said.



Lufuno Mavhunga’s demise truly left numerous individuals awful including our Mzansu celebs, capable DJ Sovereign Kaybee requested her burial service subtleties so hr could go to her burial service in Limpopo then again Somizi headed out to Limpopo so he could offer enthusiastic help to Lufuno’s family.


Its so miserable that a 15-year-old young lady considered self destruction to be the lone way out of her issues, her demises truly tormented the entire country. Her case has been moving on Twitter since the news if her passing as individuals needed her to get equity.


Being harassed and attacked at a particularly youthful age can be difficult for anybody and Lufuno didn’t merit all that, which is the reason individuals needed her harasser to get captured.

Makhadzi was likewise severely influenced by Lufuno’s passing as she could see her more youthful self in Lufuno, she uncovered that she was additionally tormented for her turns while becoming upward. Lufuno’s case hit sharpen for Makhadzi thinking about that the episode occurred in Limpopo were she’s initially from. As an approach to honor Lufuno, Makhadzi delivered a recognition sing for the 15-year-old and Mzansi was left in tears.



Mageba and his crew want to kill Mangcobo since she wants to steal their work with Raphael,and Nkunzi does not know nothing about her plans, Nkunzi married Mangcobo thinking that she will change and Start doing right things,but Mangcobo already promised Raphael that she will do the job very well and Raphael paid her deposit, which means it will be trouble if she fails.

Detective Mpambani wants to see Mangcobo in the jail and He is working with lilly and mondli to make sure that Mangcobo is going to jail, Detective Mpambani tried before but he noticed that they was just trying to make them fools,so he not willing to give up until he arrests Mangcobo.

Mission was good is just the security guard wants to sell them out, because he promised detective Mpambani that he will tell him the day they will do a heists,and it is true he told detective Mpambani,nkunzi will be shocked for what will happen for Mangcobo because he didn’t know nothing about Mangcobo plan she couldn’t tell him.Last year there were rumours that the actress left the the show along with fellow actor Siyabonga Shibe who portrays Qhabanga. This was due to rumours which said the two stars wanted salary increases. “Dawn is, in fact, among the actors who have a dark cloud hanging over their head, her attitude recently isn’t doing her any favour, She makes the writers and directors’ job difficult because she sometimes demands to change the story-lines,” a source told a publication.



AKA cried and his sadness at his late fiancee Anele Tembe’s coffin



A picture of AKA was shared on Twitter which left Mzansi with broken hearts. It was a picture of AKA sitting down on a chair staring right at the coffin that had her late fiancee. No words were said but just looking at the picture it says a lot. A man who just lost the love of his life, in pain and trying to keep up with reality. See picture below;

This picture sums up everything that he is going through. And people felt his pain by just looking at him and seeing how he was staring at his late fiancee’s coffin. These broke the hearts of many South Africans. No one deserves such pain and hurts as people react to this picture. Some couldn’t hold it together. This picture says a lot and it is really heartbreaking. One minute you are celebrating with the love of your life and the next minute they leave you without even saying goodbye. And not knowing why they left, makes things even worse. See people’s reactions down below;




The South African entertainment industry is among the most competitive in African and the world. As such, becoming a household name in the region requires talent, dedication, patience, and a lot of hard work. This industry is filled with so many talented people who are very much capable of entertaining their fans with any hesitation.

One of the most talented actresses in Mzansi is popularly known as Dawn Thandeka King. She is a South African actress who is popularly known for playing the role of MaNgcobo on Uzalo. Whoever says dreams are achieved when one is young, Dawn Thandeka King is here to reverse that notion. Prior to having the limelight shining on her the actress works in the tourism sector.



On Uzalo MaNgcobo and Nkuzi are currently getting married for real this time without a second wife because their first wedding was a absolute flop due to Nkuzi deciding to marry the second wife without Mangcobo’s knowledge. Currently this actress took to social media to share her one screen wedding as she composed her post “This was our perfect, perfect wedding”. Share your opinions, like and kindly share.



News broke on Sunday alleging that AKA’s fiance Nellie Tembe jumped from the 10th floor in a hotel in cape Town.

The Tembe and Forbes family released a statement confirming her passing however in a statement that was released by the two families it never stated she jumped or how she died.

When news broke a lot of people started speculating Nellie Tembe had a mental health issues.

Yesterday Maphephanda released a program of an online prayer in loving memory of Anele Tembe. The online prayer is at 6 pm to 7pm every day until the day of the funeral.


For more details please check the poster.

May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

Guys let’s try to be kind to one another mental illness is a real issue. Don’t be the reason someone’s day got ruined because of you. We don’t know what people are going through everyday and what they are battling with. Let’s be kind to one another and being kind it doesn’t cost anything



US-based actress Nondumiso Tembe has opened up about how heartbroken she is at the death of her younger cousin Anele “Nelli” Tembe.

Nelli, who was engaged to popular rapper, AKA, died on Sunday morning. The 22-year-old apparently fell from the 10th floor of a Cape Town hotel, and police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the death.


Nondumiso shared a picture on Instagram of the cousins kissing, stating: “words fail me right now.”

In her touching message to Nelli, whom she referred to as “my baby,” Nondumiso expressed how she and their family will forever hold her in their hearts. She also went on to thank those who have sent messages of support to the family.


Multi-talented US-based actress, Nondumiso Tembe speaks up about the passing of her baby sister, Anele “Nelli” Tembe.

The former Generations actress shared a short note on Instagram, expressing how pained she is; she also appreciated those who have comforted the family in a time like this.

“My baby, Ngiphelelwe amazwi – Words fail me right now. We will hold you in our hearts forever. Lala kahle, mbali yethu  Thank you so much to everyone who has sent kind words of comfort for our family, ngiyathokoza kakhulu,” she said.

Nondumiso is a cousin to Nelli, and lots of persons are still in shock at her death, which occurred on Sunday morning.



Londie London is turning 29 today and she is over the moon as she thank God for keeping her alive to see this day.

The star has been counting down for days as she couldn’t keep calm for this day.


Well, the day is finally here and Londie shared a beautiful picture of herself.

Londie captioned: “#29yearsInLondon 🎈🎁 Happy birthday to me”

The musician welcomed her baby boy in February 2021.


Let’s take a look at some few things about the star:

  1. Londiwe Siphiwokuhle Zulu is Londie London real name. She was born in 1992. Therefore, Londie London’s age as of now is twenty-seven.
  2. She grew up in Phoenix. As young as six years old, Londiwe showed her interest in music.
  3. She would sing during Christmas parties and whenever there were family gatherings.
  4. Londie London’s musical career dates back to her childhood days. Londie had a passion for music. She also came from a musical family.
  5. In 2017, she signed up with Ambitiouz Entertainment Spring, and after a few months of consistent work, she leased her first hit; ‘He Goes.