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Black boy taken pics while being strangled by snake leaves Mzansi in tears


People are attacking National Geographic and saying that they will not forgive it for doing this. In this heartbreaking picture, a young boy who is in need of help was taken in daylight. This is traumatizing, as this picture does not show unity at all. People are already making racist remarks, saying that if it was a white person, things could have been handled differently. This is another incident that will divide the world. It is difficult to heal from such trauma, and this young boy could have been helped instantly, instead of people around him, taking pictures and videos


This also shows that the modern generation is obsessed with making headlines and trends on social media and the internet. They do not care about the reputation and safety of other people. They would rather take your picture than help you. The world of technology has made people lose the definition of ubuntu has been lost completely.