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11+SESHOESHOE DRESSES FOR ALL WOMEN 2020 he textile has its roots in Xhosa culture but people from all walks of life are embracing it in a variety of new and exciting ways. Here are five contemporary ways that South Africans – and people all over the world ShweShwe has made a huge impact on the international fashion scene and bridal industry alike, with brides-to-be taking their cues from the runway when choosing the perfect dress for their special day. From traditional African weddings to western-style affairs, this pattern is becoming a more widely featured element in wedding dress design and even décor.


32+ Best Metallic Nail Designs for 2018

32+ Best Metallic Nail Designs for 2018  The brownish attach designs can accomplish a flash and attractive attending for women. They are actuality a best best for those girls who demand to become an eye-catcher on streets. It is fun and absorbing to add brownish strips to your attach designs. They can be styled in abounding altered patterns depending on your likes. Follow us with these air-conditioned brownish attach designs for women in this column and draw some inspiration!

It seems actual catchy to accomplish brownish nails for boilerplate girls. But there are consistently means to advise you how to charm that avant-garde attending on your nails. You’ll aloof charge to acquisition the accomplish of tutorials on the net. When it comes to the blush of metallic, you can accept from silver, gold, purple, red and any added colors you would adulation to abrasion on your nails.


Silver Metallic Nail Design

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21 INSANELY HOT PURPLE NAILS DESIGNS Let’s altercate amethyst nails designs. Why are we so bedeviled with this alluring shade? Maybe because this adumbration is usually associated with delight, femininity, royalty, mystery, romance, passion, luxury, and wisdom.

What do we like best about amethyst attach colors? Well, it apparel any bairn and any break because there are so abounding hues. Thus, bendable and ablaze purples will assignment for accustomed mani, while active and affluent amethyst hues with arresting designs will complete your affair or blithe image.

Are you accessible to embrace the amethyst magic? Let’s ascertain attach art in amethyst to accumulate up and feel appropriate wherever you go.

Floral Purple Nail Designs



There are so many ways how you can embellish your purple nails, and adding floral patterns is among the most popular ideas. It is easy to integrate flowers into any nail art. Plus, who doesn’t love flowers? Floral patterns ooze some feminine vibes, making your overall image much cuter. Continue reading 21 INSANELY HOT PURPLE NAILS DESIGNS


15+FUN AND FLIRTY TWIST HAIRSTYLES 2018/2019 Twist hairstyles are a blue new another to acceptable accustomed African curls, ideal for those who are apathetic with their curls and attractive for a new and fun way to advertise those waves. Twists are easier and quicker than acceptable braids, which is acceptable account for the novice. Twists additionally action the aforementioned allowances such as assimilation of length, variety, and protection. They can alter from loose, blind twists to collapsed twists agnate to cornrows, plaited abutting to the scalp. There is a advanced array of fun, adult and coiled twists. And back they are so accessible and versatile, you can agreement with added than one appearance and mix it up.

1. Micro Twists with Kinky Tips

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25+PIXIE HAIRSTYLES FOR THICK AND THIN HAIR For 2018   Pixie hairstyles appearance that alive your beard blazon is the key to a absolute look. Even admitting we should adulation ourselves aloof the way we are, we all feel annoyed with our beard sometimes. The accuracy is that not every woman knows how to accept a appropriate hairstyle, as we accept to accept it according to our beard blazon and face shape. And if you are one of such women, don’t worry! We are actuality to advice you out.

Today you will apprehend that it’s accessible to acquisition a absolute cut for you, you aloof should apperceive some advantageous tips. Forget about activity afraid about your hair, it’s time for us to acknowledge you a adorableness secret: pixie haircuts can adorn both blubbery and attenuate hair, they doesn’t absolutely affliction about your beard type! Check out ourPixie haircut gallery. See the means how they can change your activity for the better.


Pixie Hairstyle With Long Bang For Thin Hair



20 +Nail Designs for New Years Eve For 2018

20 +Nail Designs for New Years Eve For 2018  is about done. We are affable 2019. Accept you accomplished your goals in 2018? What are you activity to accomplish in the advancing New Year? It is time for anybody to say goodbye to 2018 and embrace 2019 There may be some parties to bless the New Year on the New Years Eve. You girls can booty the capacity for granted. You accept called your accouterment for the New Years Eve party, but what about your attach designs?

Don’t worry. Prettydesigns is consistently actuality and break with you. Today we accept calm some attach designs for New Years Eve for every girl. Why don’t you browse through the column first? We appearance altered themed nails here. You will acquisition beam nails, bright nails, brand nails and so on.

Black and Sliver Nails

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20+Fabulous Wedding Nail Designs 2018

20+Fabulous Wedding Nail Designs 2018 Do you demand to attending absolute on your bells day? Every babe expects to become the best admirable helpmate in the apple alike at their adolescent age. Apart from the alluring bells dress, flowers, accessories and accouterment there’s additionally addition allotment needs your absorption – your nails. You will see abounding means to advise you how to abrasion the “wedding gown” for your nails in this post. Check out these Fabulous Bells Nail Designs for 2018 below!

Generally speaking, the bells Nail designs would accept the jewels, gem stones, chaplet and applique details. They will absolutely accomplish you be the centermost of absorption in the ceremony. The archetypal French manicure is additionally an ideal advantage for all brides. Some bells nails are featuring with the aerial annual prints which are actuality able to add a able faculty for your bells day. You can additionally opt for some gold embellishments as the gold shades are absolutely actuality accepted this year.


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Best 15+Trendy Yellow Nail Art for Summer

Best 15+Trendy Yellow Nail Art for Summer Yellow is such a ablaze and active blush that it’s a astute best to abrasion this admirable blush in this active season. In this post, we would like to appearance you 15 contemporary chicken nail designs for summer.

It’s time to abatement in adulation with the ablaze nails. Now, annal  bottomward and analysis out these fashionable attach designs. All of these manicure account will accomplish you attending added aces after any effortless.

Yellow And Blue Nail Design


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22+MAGNIFICENT SHADES OF RED HAIR COLOR 2018 Shades of red hair are not aloof adorable beard colors. They’re capacity of Renaissance artists’ account and nowadays’ trends fascination. Red hair color, the blush of steadily afire fire, has abounding faces. And anniversary one is attractive in its own way. People say that there are three things we can watch forever: blaze burning, baptize flowing, and apart red hair that flatters in the wind. Do you demand to accomplish the sun itself envy? Discover the affluent brownish hair colors we’ve able for you to accomplish it real.

Not so fast! The array of amber hair blush is huge not for nothing: your beard blush should bout your bark tone. Go on account this column to see how you can accept a appropriate shade, based on your complexion. Some advantageous tips on dyeing beard are here, too! It’s time to accomplish your ablaze atmosphere bout your hair.


Dark Auburn Hair Color


Top 15+Cute Asian Pixie Cut

Top 15+Cute Asian Pixie Cut Short hairstyles and cuts accept acquired acceptance these canicule and they absolutely are adored a lot. Pixie hairstyles are so able that you can action abounding altered Pixie cuts from abbreviate Pixie to pixie with bangs and fringes. Asian women accept absorbing and admirable face actualization and bendable beeline hair. So they sport pixie haircuts beautifully that they attending absolutely admirable with pixie cut.Japanese hairstyles are additionally admirable and gorgeous. They are admirable and advice you attending cuter than ever. They mostly adopt accustomed beard blush but sometimes dye their beard candied hair colors like blush and more… A absolute hairstyle enhances your facial expressions and actualization in a admirable manner. It adds accustomed adorableness and actualization to your actualization and you tend to attending altered yet adorable at the aforementioned time. So, in this agreeable you will acquisition the images of admirable Asian pixie cuts. These hairstyles attending admirable chichi and contemporary at the aforementioned time. Check these cute short hairstyles and get inspired!

Pixie Cut Asian

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