AKA cried and his sadness at his late fiancee Anele Tembe’s coffin



A picture of AKA was shared on Twitter which left Mzansi with broken hearts. It was a picture of AKA sitting down on a chair staring right at the coffin that had her late fiancee. No words were said but just looking at the picture it says a lot. A man who just lost the love of his life, in pain and trying to keep up with reality. See picture below;

This picture sums up everything that he is going through. And people felt his pain by just looking at him and seeing how he was staring at his late fiancee’s coffin. These broke the hearts of many South Africans. No one deserves such pain and hurts as people react to this picture. Some couldn’t hold it together. This picture says a lot and it is really heartbreaking. One minute you are celebrating with the love of your life and the next minute they leave you without even saying goodbye. And not knowing why they left, makes things even worse. See people’s reactions down below;