Actress Sana Mchunu is a fan fave as Zodwa on ‘Gomora’.

Actress Sana Mchunu is a fan fave as Zodwa on ‘Gomora’

Gomora watchers have since quite a while ago presumed that Zodwa had a basic, concealed smash on Melusi and on Tuesday night moghel demonstrated them right when she began playing with Gladys’ significant other in light of the fact that she thought he needed to request an “ensnarement” with her.

Melusi has consistently acted with empathy towards Zodwa and due to the advancement they’ve made in their exceptionally dispassionate relationship, Melusi figured he could approach Zodwa for exhortation on the most proficient method to fix things with his better half, Gladys.

Be that as it may, when Melusi went to approach Zodwa for help he wasn’t quickly explicit, which permitted Zodwa to reach her own determinations. Soon after Melusi said his solicitation had nothing to accomplish with work, Zodwa began to shoot her shot since she was certain Melusi needed to approach her for a sexual kindness.

That second immediately became off-kilter when Melusi put any misinformation to rest that he simply needed guidance on the best way to fix things with his better half and that, as opposed to Zodwa’s affirmation that she discovers him explicitly alluring, he wasn’t about that life.

Watchers of the telenovela were wailing now, for the most part in light of the fact that the change from worried, to coy, to humiliated by Zodwa was amusing!

Obviously tweeps propelled an image fest for their fave. They live for her regularly unexpected diversion. Look at the images underneath.