Actress Ayanda Borotho has opened up about her body insecurities

Actress Ayanda Borotho has opened up about her body insecurities

Isibaya entertainer and creator Ayanda Borotho, who has been on an excursion of self esteem, has opened up about her body frailties and why she despised her body for a very long time.

In an inscription of a snap of herself, Ayanda let it out has required some investment to acknowledge her body for what it is subsequent to despising it for quite a while.

“I abhorred this body. From when I was a youngster I detested this body. I didn’t care for the ‘African pear’ shape and the hips and bums that I knew brought the sort of consideration I didn’t care for. I abhorred being sexualised,” she said.

The entertainer proceeded to clarify how other ladies would utilize her body as a weapon to offend her and certainty. Ayanda said she additionally depended on saying “terrible” and harmful things to other ladies as a method for dealing with stress for the frequently negative comments she would get in light of her body shape and highlights.

Ayanda conceded that despite the fact that she’s since assumed the liability to love and grasp her body, she actually battled with weaknesses. She likewise utilized the occasion to let other people who may have comparable sentiments about their bodies realize they are in good company.

“I actually battle with body uncertainties. Ask any individual who has needed to dress me. Conceal this, spread that. Getting the opportunity to grasp your body is steady work. Today I simply needed to let you know, you’re in good company. Some of the time it’s alright to feel like you’re insufficient. However long you don’t remain there excessively long,” Ayanda said.

Actress Ayanda Borotho has opened up about her body insecurities


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I hated this body. From when I was a child I hated this body. I didn’t like the “African pear” shape and the hips and bums that I knew brought the kind of attention I didn’t like. I hated being sexualised. Other women would hurt me when they pointed out how it was the bum and hips that attracted the men. That I had the “right assets”. I hated that people would say they wish they had smaller breasts like mine. I wanted bigger breasts. So much so that I contemplated a boob job (nothing wrong with that). And then there were those who laughed that I had small breasts. Until I learnt a come back that says “at least after 3 babies they don’t sag..I still have virgin boobs.” BUT even that was nasty. It was however my defense mechanism. The truth is after 3 babies, I can tell you it’s hard to love your body. Cellulite, stretch marks…the works but I realise now that what I hated was more the entitlement of opinions about my body from other people. Sometimes it doesn’t take having children. It is the unkindness that the world spits out so that we can maintain a standard that they themselves can’t. But I also have to own the responsibility of answering or taking on those opinions and plastering the negative words on my body. I still struggle with body insecurities. Ask anyone who has had to dress me🙈. Hide this, cover that🙈… Getting to ambrace your body is constant work. Today I just wanted to tell you, you’re not alone. Sometimes, it’s okay to feel like you’re not enough. As long as you don’t stay there too long. #UnbecomingToBecome #BecomingMe #MyJourneyBackToSelf

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