21 INSANELY HOT PURPLE NAILS DESIGNS Let’s altercate amethyst nails designs. Why are we so bedeviled with this alluring shade? Maybe because this adumbration is usually associated with delight, femininity, royalty, mystery, romance, passion, luxury, and wisdom.

What do we like best about amethyst attach colors? Well, it apparel any bairn and any break because there are so abounding hues. Thus, bendable and ablaze purples will assignment for accustomed mani, while active and affluent amethyst hues with arresting designs will complete your affair or blithe image.

Are you accessible to embrace the amethyst magic? Let’s ascertain attach art in amethyst to accumulate up and feel appropriate wherever you go.

Floral Purple Nail Designs



There are so many ways how you can embellish your purple nails, and adding floral patterns is among the most popular ideas. It is easy to integrate flowers into any nail art. Plus, who doesn’t love flowers? Floral patterns ooze some feminine vibes, making your overall image much cuter.

Purple Nails With Stamping Technique

Nowadays nail stamping technique is really BIG. Stamping lets you create detailed pieces of art in a blink of an eye. This process is much quicker, compared with hand painting. Plus, a design is much more likely to turn out good. In case you’re not familiar with this technique yet, here are the basics. For stamping, you need a stamper, opaque nail lacquer, a scraper, nail lacquer remover, a stamping plate that you prefer, removal pad or wipe that is lint-free. On a stamping plate, paint any design. Use a scraper for scraping the extra nail lacquer off the stamping plate. Roll a stamp all over the stamping plate quickly. Transfer this stamp to your nail. Of course, the first stamp won’t be ideal, and neither will be the second one. This technique requires some practice and patience. But once you master it, you’ll be able to pull off any nail art.

Easy Purple Nail Designs

These are the simplest nails designs in purple that we have found on the web. We thought that many babes might need them because clearly not all of us are excellent at nail art. But all of us wish our manicure to look fun and flawless.

Nail designs you can see here can be done fast, and they require practically no skills. Just pick a purple hue you want to wear on your nails, and then decide if you wish to embellish your mani somehow. Add some glitter or a polka dot pattern or an accent with nail accessories – choose whatever you want, with the upcoming occasion in mind.

Beautiful Pastel Purple Nails

Searching for something cute and fun for your mani? Think about pastel purples – they are so creamy, and they will instantly lighten up the fingers. Pastel purples grant your nails the unique, fresh, delicate, and pretty look.

And the great news is that a manicure in pastels will suit any outfit you wear so that you won’t have to worry every time you go somewhere that these elements of your image mismatch.


Trendy Purple Nail Designs With Ombre

Here you can see gorgeous purple ombre mani ideas. There is a key to having such a good-looking ombre: the hues you use should be just several shades lighter or darker from one another. Thus, these hues will blend perfectly without very distinct transitions.

Let’s see how to do purple ombre with 4 shades. And of course, you can always use fewer or, to the contrary, more hues with the same technique. It’s only the basis.

  • Apply a nude or white shade to each nail as a base. This step is important for making the following hues pop. Let it dry completely.
  • Dampen the makeup sponge that you prepared. Get rid of any excess water by wringing it out. It is for the nail lacquer to remain in place instead of soaking into the makeup sponge. Now apply each nail lacquer in a line, going from dark to light.
  • Line the makeup sponge up on a nail, press it down. Are you satisfied with the placement of each hue? Then you can blend the hues: bounce the makeup sponge on the top of your nail. But do it

More Ideas For Your Purple Nails

Trendy Purple Nail Designs With Geometric Pattern

Why not add some geometric patterns to your mani? Zig-zags, v-shapes, and diagonal lines are timeless. For a more outstanding effect, such patterns can be done in different textures. For example, use complementing glitter nail lacquer along with another purple nail lacquer to achieve one of the nail designs you can see on this page.

Sparkly Glitter Purple Nails

Glitter can help you to spice up any nail art idea. Adding glitter to your manicure is like adding a party to your nails. Mix and match pastels with bright hues for more fun.