19+ ADORABLE HOLIDAY NAIL ART IDEAS 2018 Holiday attach art tends to accommodate the symbols of accurate holidays. For Halloween, these symbols are pumpkins and skulls. For Saint Valentine’s Day, these accommodate cupids, arrows, and hearts. And what about Christmas? The symbols of Christmas absorb presents, Christmas trees, deer, Santa, snow, snowflakes, snowmen, candies, Santa’s hats, boots, and gloves. Which aspect of Christmas is your favorite? Pick it for your anniversary manicure.

Easy Holiday Nail Art Ideas


Christmas nail art seems to be very easy, but you have so many tasks during holidays. To cook delicious dinner, to decorate your house, it is not easy to find time to take care of your manicure. Use special stripes for your nail designs and save much time!

Creative Holiday Nail Art Designs


Holiday nail designs are as fun and bold as summer nail designs. It is the time when you can forget about the classic manicure that you pick for the office and opt for something interesting and even childish.

Holiday Nail Art With Christmas Tree Designs


For example, a Santa’s hat design is so hot right now. Paint some of your nails in red, and let others be green. Red nails will be without a pattern, and green ones will sport Christmas trees and funny faces with a red hat.

Funny Holiday Nail Designs