18+Pixie Bob Braids for Black Women 2018

18+Pixie Bob Braids for Black Women 2018 Pixie braids are braided haircuts with innumerable of little appellation braids that absorber the best allotment or the absolute head. This braids hairstyle is usually beat by African-American or Atramentous women. The pixie braids comprise of abounding accoutrement of braiding hairthat accept an estimated amplitude of one pencil. These pixie braids are usually six to twenty-four inches in admeasurement and the stylists bake the ends to accumulate them from separating. Since the braids don’t accident the hair and are actual flexible, the hairstyle is actual accustomed amid atramentous women ambitious to abound their absolute or accustomed hair. pixie braids can aftermost amid 1 and 3 months. These pixie Braids are commonly shaped as bob and the hairstyle as a accomplished is alleged as pixie Bob Braids. So, let accept a abundant altercation on the pixie bob braids.

Golden Pixie Bob Braids


The Pixie-bob braids are flexible enough to change its color and appearance. Look at the girl in the picture, she has worn cute pixie braids with bob shape and the color is dazzling golden. And you can also make your hair glitter like her.

 Pixie Bob Braids with Beads


.ly, I have noted that the pixie braids are flexible enough to let you . around with it. The glittering nice beads are the example of the flexibility and compatibility of it. The effects of the beautiful pixie bob braids have been multiplied by the beads worn on them.

Shorter Pixie Bob Braids


These braids are even shorter than the . bob braids. The different the size, the mazing the effect is. The front part of the braids is colored golden in one or two braids to cast an especial enchantment to the others.

The Majestic Pixie Bob Braids


The Majestic Pixie Bob Braids makes a hairstyle which gives you a majestic and innocent look with the colorful tiny and thin braids. We have hardly anything about it to discuss and explain because the real beauty is just in front of you.

The extraordinary pixie braids with a bob cut


Yes, this is an extraordinary pixie braid with a bob cut. On side of the head is designed as cornrows and the braids are positioned as bob by the surrounding except the cornrows portion. This is a mix-up of cornrows and pixie bob braids.

Sensational pixie braids

Bring out the sensation from the inner you. The pixie bob braids can create a sensational look on your appearance with the dashing style of the hairdo. The zigzag natured braids can make you go crazy and wild.

Glorious Pixie Bob Braids


Yes, you are right, these are pixie braids shaped as bob cut with a little bit modification in the braids. Moreover, a cloth-made hair ban is required to get the ultimate effect of this hairstyle. Summer or winter, Vacation, tour or Work, you are fit for everywhere and every season with this lucrative hairstyle.

Pixie Bob Braids for Kids

Why the kids should be devoid of this beautiful hairstyle. You can make the pixie braids arranged as cornrows and the color a little purple. Your kid will look smart and cute more than before.

Pixie Bob Braids with Cornrows

The . hairstyle was for the kids and now look at the same hairstyle for the adults. The heavenly effect created by this pixie bob braids can make anyone fall in love with them at the first glance.

he golden Pixie

This hairstyle is for the kids too. It is more or less the same as the . kid’s hairstyle. But the color is the only difference .. You kid will be center of her attraction at her school when she wears this cornrows inspired pixie bob braids

Cute Pixie Bob Braids


., you are the one to judge. We have certainly nothing to discuss and explain about this super sexy hairstyle. Let us know, how do you judge this one.

The Angelic Beauty with the Beautiful Pixie Bob Braids


The Angelic Beauty is now can be gain in the material world with the help of the Beautiful Pixie Bob Braids. The girl in the picture will certainly prove my statement. She is no less than an angel with the pixie bob braids.

Heavenly Golden Angel

Yes, the golden angel is golden-haired too. The pixie bib braids with charming golden color is another choice to have an angelic look i9n the material planet

The African American Goddess


Who says Goddess is in the heaven only. You yourself can make you a goddess. All you have to do is to go to the nearby saloon and ask the hair stylist to make a pixie bob braid on your head like the girl in the picture and you are done.

Updo with pixie braids

You are doing bob that does not you are not allowed to do the updo. You can combine the updo hairstyle and the bob hairstyle at the same time. Look at the girl in the picture and you will clearly understand the concept.

The Audacity


Let your audacity show off in front of the people around you. Do a pixie bob cut and let the world know about your confidence and smartness.

Wild Pixie Braids


Wild is always beauty. If you choose to become a little wild with other accessories like the tribes while using the pixie bob braids, you will certainly gain heavenly beauty in you.

  • Different hairstylists have innovated different pixie braids Hairstyles in many different shapes and colors that can provide you with an idea of the type of design you want. Just talk to your stylist and s/he will give you more tips on how to style pixie braids.