16+ Fresh and Fashionable Mint Nail Designs for Summer 2018

16+ Fresh and Fashionable Mint Nail Designs for Summer 2018 Summer is a admirable time for women to appearance off their beauty. At this season, why not add some shades to your nails and accomplish them cool? This column is about the nail architecture account for summer. In the arcade below, we would like to appearance you 16 admirable manicure account in mint. We apperceive that excellent is absolutely a beginning blush and the excellent nails are absolutely beautiful for women to try in the hot summer days! Just break actuality and analysis out how to bedrock the excellent nails in a fashionable way! Find the one you adulation and accept a try.


This ombre style adds charm to the nails and the glitter effects must be loved by most women!


Lovely Mint Nail Design with Dots

The dots make this nail design more adorable and the perfect match of mint and white is rather pretty!

Fashionable Mint Nail Design 

If you love the glitter sty le, then just try this one!

Beautiful Mint Nail Design  

With cute black bows, shining silver sequins and chic black dots, this mint nail design is the most suitable choice for those sweet and sexy ladies!


Pretty Mint Nail Design for Summer 

Silver leopard prints lies on the mint under painting!

Stiletto Nail Designs 

Sharp stiletto nails for edgy girls!

Cute Mint Nail Design 

Simple, special! Would you give it a try?

Adorable Mint Nail Design 

The glossy and watery look make people want to touch the slime fingers! One sexy black feather is painted on the nail, which make this manicure even more flirty!

Cool Nail Design   

The black and gold form an ideal nail look together with the mint under painting! Cool ladies should have a try with this edgy-chic design!

Pretty Mint Nail Design for Summer 

Lovely girls can try this simple yet pretty pastel nail design! Mint and light purple is so beautiful when put together!

Mint Leopard Print Nail Design 

Have you ever seen the mint leopard prints? This kind of nail design must make your nails an absolutely eye-catcher!

Fashionable Summer Nail Design Idea 

Simple yet rather stylish!

Classy Mint Nail Design with Leopard Prints 

Four nails are in the simple mint nail polish while one is decorated with the wild leopard prints! Quite smart!

Cool Pastel Nail Design Idea 

Create a mixed style pastel manicure with more than two pastel polishes and then add some metallic elements onto your nails so that they could be cool as well as cute!

The geometric lines look creative and special as you paint them on your nails with your imaginations. You can create an image of your own with some simple lines or you may just draw a pattern that means something to yourself!  The following three pictures may give you some stunning inspiration!

Exotic Nail Design Idea 

Mint Nail Design with Geometric Lines

Sexy Mint Nail Design